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Tag Archive - Adlercast

Hedley Interview: Mostly about pooping

19 April 2012 by Brian Adler, Comments Off
Hedley Interview: Mostly about pooping

Hedley has a new record out, but wouldn’t it be a bit obvious if we  made the whole interview about that? Jake and Dave are great guys, we get personal with the boys and talk pre-game rituals on this episode of Adlercast. ~ BA

Steel Panther says “Happy Valentine’s Day”

5 February 2012 by Brian Adler, Comments Off
Steel Panther says “Happy Valentine’s Day”

The full interview with Steel Panther will be out soon, but for now they just wanted to wish you & yours a very happy Valentine’s Day…sort of. ~ BA

Interview with The Trews

2 February 2012 by Brian Adler, Comments Off
Interview with The Trews

These guys rule. Check out my interview with the MacDonald Brothers, Colin & John-Angus from The Trews. We talk Beard Strategy, Making Money in Rock & Roll, and they perform their hit Hope & Ruin. ~ BA

Marianas Trench: X-mas Greeting

21 December 2011 by Brian Adler, Comments Off
Marianas Trench: X-mas Greeting

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks

21 December 2011 by Brian Adler, Comments Off
Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks

We’ve all heard the song “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People…it is absolutely everywhere! This was my first interview with Mark Foster, the band’s frontman and songwriter. He explained the song’s background and lets just say it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Here’s what Mark had to say about smoking pot, writing songs about [...]

Bonus Vid: AOD Acoustic

9 December 2011 by Brian Adler, Comments Off
Bonus Vid: AOD Acoustic

Check this out… we shot this in the Eastern US this summer (I think it was Minneapolis). I was on the road with Art of Dying shooting a music video and I convinced Jonny to grab his guitar and record a stripped down version of their hit “Get Thru This” for our camera in a back alley. [...]

Sam Roberts Interview – Rockstar Parenting, Riding Wild Animals

24 November 2011 by Brian Adler, Comments Off
Sam Roberts Interview – Rockstar Parenting, Riding Wild Animals

Sam Roberts is a solid guy. We first met in 2002 when I interviewed him on a show called MTV Select. Since then, the guy has played countless sold out concerts, won a closet full of music trophies, and has continued to put out records he can and should be very proud of. All the [...]

Music Saves 3 – Out today!

10 November 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
Music Saves 3 – Out today!

This is the latest installment in a video series I’ve been producing and directing for the last 3 years called the Music Saves Project. Each year we take a number of individual artists and have them record different parts of the same song independently in a variety of beautiful Vancouver locations, then we edit them [...]

Music Saves Project – Parts 1 & 2

10 November 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
Music Saves Project – Parts 1 & 2

In case you’ve never seen Music Saves parts 1 & 2, here are the first two videos we made…

AC Shorts: Hedley – the new album

8 November 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
AC Shorts: Hedley – the new album

The new album “Storms” hits stores today, here’s Jake & Dave from Hedley chatting about it on AC Shorts (Full interview coming soon). Next Full Interview to post: Sam Roberts, later this week

Fefe Dobson Interview

1 November 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
Fefe Dobson Interview

Finally….Adlercast Season 2 has begun! Here’s a “2 for Tuesday” for you, parts 1 & 2 of my interview with Fefe Dobson…enjoy! Brian

AC Shorts: Sam Roberts…for Prime Minister

31 August 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
AC Shorts: Sam Roberts…for Prime Minister

This is something new for Season 2 in October, it’s called AC Shorts… as in AdlerCast Short-videos…get it? This is Sam Roberts with what he would do if elected Prime Minister of Canada.

Chris Cornell – What makes a great Frontman

12 August 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
Chris Cornell – What makes a great Frontman

Another one from the Adlercast Archive… This was from right before Soundgarden decided to get back together. It’s Chris Cornell breaking down what makes a great rock and roll frontman, a subject matter he knows a thing or two about.

Sam Roberts – Adlercast Season 2, coming soon!

3 August 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
Sam Roberts – Adlercast Season 2, coming soon!

Here’s a pic from my interview with Sam Roberts. I’m editing it now, can’t wait to launch season 2…coming soon!

Everclear Interview – the connection between Drugs & Creativity

26 July 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
Everclear Interview – the connection between Drugs & Creativity

I was thinking about Amy Winehouse and how things ended the way they did. So sad. In 2007 I asked Art Alexakis (Everclear) about the connection between drugs and creativity…. (BTW – don’t miss the end where he explains his theory on heaven….super deep!) This is Part 3 – Parts 1, 2 & 4 are [...]

K-OS Interview

25 July 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
K-OS Interview

This is an interview I did with Canadian rapper K-OS about a year ago….man do I miss my sideburns! This beard is boring the crap out of me! (: This is part 1 of 3 – hit the “Season 1 – Videos” button to see the other 2 parts, and about 150 other vids from [...]

Seether doc “Tunnel Vision”

5 July 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
Seether doc “Tunnel Vision”

I went to see Seether at the Commodore in Vancouver this week, crazy night! The boys and I were reminiscing about the doc I made about them back in 2008 called “Tunnel Vision”. If you’ve never seen it, check it out…

Adlercast Season 2, Coming Soon….

30 June 2011 by Brian Adler, 1 Comment
Adlercast Season 2, Coming Soon….

“It’s all happening!” ~ Penny Lane

Tom Morello

23 June 2011 by Brian Adler, 1 Comment
Tom Morello

I just watched a video of President Obama giving a speech and it reminded me of this interview with Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, The Night Watchmen, basically a guitar legend). This is from the morning after President Obama was elected…man, that was a good morning.

New Website…1st Post!!!

22 June 2011 by Brian Adler, No Comments
New Website…1st Post!!!

Hey hey! Thanks for checking out the new site! In case this is our first time together, allow myself to introduce myself (that’s me in the pic, Brian)…